Diners from San Francisco Love 24th Street Cafe in Bakersfield, Ca

24th Street Cafe is a wildly popular Cafe, Coffee Shop, and Family Restaurant in Bakersfield, Ca. Locals pack this place on a regular basis, but out of town diners find 24th when they use Google to search where the best breakfast or lunch in Bakersfield is. They also find out from the local Hotel concierge or from word on the street. San Francisco is a few hours North and when people travel South they will stop in Bakersfield, and the Cafe at 1415 24th Street welcomes them with their eclectic menu of homemade dishes. Whether it’s San Francisco, Los Angeles, or Seattle, 24th Street Cafe is attracting customers from all over the United States. Next time you are visiting or passing through, drop in at 24th for the best food and service in Bakersfield!

Diners from San Francisco and Everywhere Love 24th Street Cafe


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